Purpose Statement

Our Purpose is to give Love, Hope and a better Future through Holistic Activities such as, Feeding, Giving Shelter, Medicine, Educational Provision, and more to the hundreds kids of Smokey Mountain, Tondo, Manila Philippines - and beyond..


Mayala Kids is the strong Arm of Beautiful Temple International in the community.


Pastor Nixon Rosales
Pastora Cora Rosales
Volunteer Workers

Malaya Kids

If You Knew What We Knew,
You'd Be Doing What We're Doing.

About The Ministry

How the passion started

We started 2001, God impressed my heart to go to Dumpsite where the kids are living in the top of the mountain of garbage, working, playing, and has gotten used to the environment. We give snacks while they are picking garbage like plastics, cans, woods, bottled waters, and more. After work, they will go to junk shop and sell it by kilo and they go home to buy food for that day. I discover, every child from 6yrs old above, they are forced to work because their parents are not enough to sustain their needs, they only eat once a day. If they didn't work all, they will not eat all. That's why some of the children are not going to school because of that situation. The parents can't provide the educational needs of their kids.

From 2001, we give snacks from 15 kids weekly, and then it grows to 30 kids, 50, 70, giving snacks to hard food every Saturday. Today, we feed a minimum 300 to 1000 kids every Saturday.

Our Dream today, to be the hands and feet of God to this generation, soon they will become a better person, a better leader. We need to reach them now before it's too late.

We need your help, we need your support, and we need your prayers for our ministries.

- Pastor Reynixon Rosales